African Power Traders International (APTi) is a supplier and manufacturer of HV, MV and LV electrical power products.

APTi is able to supply a large range of power electrical products, contact us for more information!

APTi supplies power, dry-type, distribution and furnace transformers

APTi’s product range also includes substations, mobile substations, switchgear and other related power equipment

24/7 Support
Technical Expertise


African Power Traders International (APTi) is a supplier and manufacturer of HV, MV and LV power products


APTi has partnerships with local and international manufacturers


APTi maintains full compliance with ISO quality assurance standards


All products are extensively tested and in-house research laboratories ensure advanced technical expertise

What We Offer.
Our Skills.

40 years experience in the electrical engineering industry
Manufacturers with over 50 years of technical expertise

Key relationships with Industry and Mines
Involved in development of Medium Voltage products in Southern and Sub Saharan Africa for over 20 years
General Management, Technical Expertise, Sales, Marketing and Business Development with leaders in the industry

Our Clients

Our client portfolio includes industry, mining and utilities as well as contractors within South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa